veterinary surgery practice and technique.

A visit to Oak Elm Animal Hospital surgical services begins with a consultation with one of our doctors. After reviewing the history of your pet's illness or injury and performing a complete examination of your pet , they will discuss treatment options that may include surgery and formulate a plan that is right for both you and your pet.


If surgery is recommended , you can feel comfortable knowing Oak Elm Animal hospital uses only safest anesthesia. Doctors and technicians monitor the vital signs during surgical procedure. A technician is present during the recovery process to ensure the safety of your pet.


At oak Elm Animal Hospital a vide variety of surgical procedures are performed at reasonable price, including:

Spay and Neuter, , Abdominal surgeries, Mass removal, Cesarean surgery, Bladder surgery, Biopsies, Cherry eye repair, Entropian , Ectropian , Ear cropping, Anal gland surgery, Declawing , Tail docking , Perineal urethrostomy , Fracture repairs, Cruciate Ligament repair, Patellar luxation.

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